1. The new poster for the animated film 'Sing 2' has Bono as a cast member, plus the official U2 Instagram page posted the poster. This is to discuss Bono's role in the movie as well as any songs he's involved in in the movie.
  2. I don't think his role will go any further than dubbing one of the characters.
  3. I half glanced at the forum topic on the landing page and for a split second read it as "Bono's Role In Illuminati..." , and was thinking to myself oh here we go
  4. Larry's acting > Bono's animated character
  5. Excited about this
  6. I am very much excited !! Probably a soaring tune by Bono..... Oscar in the best song category in 2022 ?!
  7. Crystal will let them perform, on condition Buster convince the world’s most reclusive rock legend, lion Clay Calloway (Bono) out of self-imposed seclusion after the death of his wife and persuade him to perform in the show.
  8. Perfect role for Bono.
  9. The first movie was actually quite good. Just a nice little animated film. This will be interesting, seems like Bono will have a pretty significant role unlike Across The Universe
  10. I enjoyed the trailer. Looks like the final act of the film is going to climax with a cover of ISHFWILF.
  11. yes, seems that will be a very cool cover by the way