1. Hey y'all so my name's Chloe and I'm 22. Sort of always been a fan thanks to dad - he's a big fan having been in his late teens/early 20's during the 80's and passed it down to me.

    I'd always been a bit of a casual fan - first song I remember hearing was Even Better Than The Real Thing and I went to 360 night 1 in Brisbane when I was 12 with my parents.

    JT19 in Brisbane (Bullet in that show was IMO amazing) was the show that really got me into the band and well since then the rest is history.

    The Fly is personally my #1 song just for Edge's guitar - legit could listen to it all day. (Still yet to see it live tho ).

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    And yes if you are wondering because of my username I am queer - I'm a trans woman (transitioning from male to female) and pansexual (attracted to all genders)
  2. Hello! I was in Brisbane for JT 19. Great city and great people!
  3. It really was.

    Still remember thinking on the way there "It'd be nice if they played EBTTRT but I doubt they will"

    Edge launches into the opening riff during the encore

    Me: OMG gewfirgdffvdfds
  4. Hi there Chloe So good to see such a young fan with such a passion. Welcome to the site, here you'll find each and every little thing you'll ever need from a U2 fan perspective. Look no further Good to have you around!
  5. Good to see another Aussie join the forums. Welcome Chloe