1. Hi there!

    So, I came up with a challenge/game for all of us here, based on the Canadian band The Tragically Hip. They came up with a very original concept (at least, as far as I know!) for setlist-construction on their last tour ever (in 2016): basically each night they would have a completely different set made up of mini-album suites of 4 songs for each selected record that night.

    So, as an example, they would start off each night with 4 songs off one of their most acclaimed albums (in U2's case, it would be like starting with four tunes off AB or TJT), then 4 songs off their latest output (SOE, or even SOI), then 4 off a "wild-card" or rare-outing choice (for U2's standards, like playing something off Pop, Zooropa, or even less popular records like NLOTH), then 4 more off another second-tier classic (War, TUF, Boy?) and finally 4 off one more album. Then, two encores of 3 and 2 songs each off a couple more albums represented there. Therefore, no album gets a spot again on that night's setlist after it's been done.

    What really gets my attention is that there are dozens of combinations one could make for each night, while it would also make for a nice representation of more obscure tracks they might not play otherwise.

    I'll throw an example to start the game:

    Love Is All We Have Left
    Red Flag Day
    The Little Things That Give You Away
    Sunday Bloody Sunday
    Drowning Man
    Two Hearts Beat As One
    "40" (segue into>>>)
    - - - - - - - -
    A sort Of Homecoming
    - - - - - - -
    Electric Co.
    Out of Control

  2. Simple Minds did something like that years ago with the 5X5 tour
    Five songs from the first five albums
    Btw good idea
  3. So let me see if I catch the game. There goes one of my setlist.

    I choose to open the show with songs from Joshua Tree and close it with Achtung Baby, which I think were the two most successful albums.

    01. Glory Days (Springsteen song as a Intro) / Where the Streets Have No Name
    02. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
    03. With Or Without You
    04. Bullet The Blue Sky
    05. Sunday Bloody Sunday
    06. Surrender
    07. Two Hearts Beat as One
    08. New Year's Day
    09. October
    10. Gloria
    11. Scarlet
    12. Shadows and Tall Trees
    13. I Will Follow
    14. The Electric Co.
    15. Out of Control
    16. Vertigo
    17. All Because of You
    18. City of Blinding Lights
    Encore 1:
    19. Beautiful Day
    20. Elevation
    21. Walk On
    22. Pride (In the Name of Love)
    23. Bad
    24. The Unforgettable Fire
    Encore 2:
    25. Zooropa (Intro) / Zoo Station
    26. Even Better Than the Real Thing
    27. Mysterious Ways
    28. One.

    Also you can rotate the setlist and varying the songs. I mean, opened the show with Achtung Baby songs and closed it with songs from the Joshua Tree era. Just something like this:

    01. Zooropa (Intro) / Zoo Station
    02. Even Better Than the Real Thing
    03. Mysterious Ways
    04. One / Unchained Melody
    05. All I Want Is You
    06. Desire
    07. Angel of Harlem
    08. No Line on the Horizon
    09. Magnificent
    10. I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
    11. Discothèque
    12. Staring at the Sun
    13. Please
    14. Sunday Bloody Sunday
    15. Surrender
    16. New Year's Day
    Encore 1:
    17. Pride (In the Name of Love)
    18. Bad
    19. A Sort of Homecoming
    20. Cedarwood Road
    21. Song for Someone
    22. Iris (Hold me Close)
    Encore 2:
    23. Beat on the Brat (as Intro) / Lights of Home
    24. Get Out of Your Own Way
    25. You're The Best Thing About Me
    26. Spanish Eyes or Sweetest Thing
    27. Where the Streets Have No Name
    28. With or Without You
  4. Right! Of course, you don't necessarily start with the ssme album every night, that's the point. Though, I did like the strict rule that every record got 4 songs each (except encores, which were shorter), so equal representation.
  5. The Hip "cheated" with their very last show in Kingston and played five songs from Road Apples and Fully Completely - and 30 (!) songs in total. I am going to cheat, too... and yes, I like the hits!

    1. Even Better Than The Real Thing
    2. The Fly
    3. Ultra Violet
    4. One
    5. Until The End Of The World
    6. New Year's Day
    7. Two Hearts Beat As One
    8. Sunday Bloody Sunday
    9. Pride
    10. A Sort of Homecoming
    11. The Unforgettable Fire
    12. Bad
    13. Zooropa
    14. Lemon
    15. Stay
    16. The First Time

    17. I Will Follow
    18. Twilight
    19. The Electric Co.
    20. Out of Control
    21. God, Pt 2
    22. Desire
    23. Angel of Harlem
    24. All I Want Is You

    Encore 1
    25. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
    26. Bullet The Blue Sky
    27. Running To Stand Still
    28. Where the Streets Have No Name
    29. With or Without You
    40. '40'

    I feel a bit bad that I omitted Pop. I would have liked to sneak in "Gloria" and "11'Clock Tick Tock" in there, too.