1. Hi everyone! I think it would be good to introduce myself before I join any discussion

    My name is Martyna, I live in Poland and have been a U2 fan for almost 13 years. I joined here because sometimes I miss international fan communities I remember waiting for my first U2 show ever during 360° Tour... seems like a while ago U2 has always been popular in my family, I knew them when I was a child but at some point of time I started checking more than just their most popular hits and they became one of my favourite bands. I am a particular fan of the 90s era, my favourite album is Achtung Baby. I've been to 6 U2 concerts so far and don't lose hope that there will be even more in the future!

    Nice to meet you all!
  2. Welcome and hello Martyna!
  3. Welcome.
  4. Welcome to U2start Martyna
  5. Hello Martyna, welcome to the family, good to have you here
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