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  4. U2
    United Center
    Chicago, Illinois
    June 25, 2015

    Source: Church Audio CA-11 cards => UGLY pre-amp => Tascam DR-2D
    Transfer: DR-2d => Magix Audio Cleaning Lab => FLAC (level 8, dithered to 16-bit)
    Location: Floor, 2/3 way back along the rail, Edge side

    Track listing:

    Disc one (80:02):
    (1) The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) (5:03)
    (2) Out Of Control (5:06)
    (3) Vertigo (3:27)
    (4) I Will Follow (4:22)
    (5) Banter (2:54)
    (6) Iris (Hold Me Close) (6:14)
    (7) Cedarwood Road (4:46)
    (8) Song For Someone (4:11)
    (9) Sunday Bloody Sunday (4:23)
    (10) Raised By Wolves (5:19)
    (11) Until The End Of The World (5:57)
    (12) Intermission (4:33)
    (13) Invisible (4:24)
    (14) Even Better Than The Real Thing (4:32)
    (15) Mysterious Ways (4:16)
    (16) Banter (1:52)
    (17) Angel of Harlem (4:56)
    (18) Volcano (3:40)

    Disc two (60:51):
    (1) Banter (0:46)
    (2) Every Breaking Wave (4:36)
    (3) Bullet The Blue Sky (8:47)
    (4) Pride (In The Name Of Love) (5:48)
    (5) Beautiful Day (5:18)
    (6) Bad (6:13)
    (7) With Or Without You (4:58)
    (8) Encore break (2:51)
    (9) Taped intro (1:07)
    (10) City of Blinding Lights (5:51)
    (11) Banter (2:17)
    (12) Mother and Child Reunion (1:12)
    (13) Where The Streets Have No Name (6:16)
    (14) One (4:44)

    Md5 signature file is included. Sorry, no artwork (feel free to make some)


    Note: This is a 16/44.1 file set, which can be burned directly to CD. A 24-bit, high-fidelity version has been posted separately. The recording is seamless; the disc breaks above are merely a suggestion.

    The second of five nights in Chicago; significantly different setlist from the prior night and a very passionate performance. Bono frequently shook his head in amazement at the reaction the band was getting from the audience, and he clearly felt it was a special show.

    Recording quality is pretty good; I got as far to the side as I could to capture as much of the overhead PA as possible - the recording came out better than I expected, though there is occasional chatter from neighbors and passersby on the floor. I haven't listened through the whole thing yet, but I didn't notice anything that was disruptive enough to get in the way of enjoyment of the music.

    Anyone who would like to remaster, de-clap, etc. this recording and repost it is welcome to do so; in the info file, please document the original source and what you did. Mp3 samples are included in the comments.
  5. U2
    innocence + experience Tour 2015
    United Center
    Chicago, IL
    June 25, 2015

    Taper: noskis
    Location: Red Zone GA, South Side

    Recording Equipment:
    Sound Professionals AT933 Hyper Cardioids > SP-SB1-SL Battery Box
    (Bass Roll off @ 107Hz) > Tascam DR-07 (SD card)

    FLAC Process:
    Adobe Audition (Normalized to 100% & fades in/out) > CD Wave (Track Splitting) >
    Trader's Little Helper (FLAC Level 8)

    - Please Do not sell this recording - karma is a bitch
    - Please Contact the taper via U2Torrents for video or audio matrix projects
    - Please trade only lossless copies

    Track List:

    1. PA intro ("People Have the Power")
    2. The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
    3. Out Of Control
    4. Vertigo
    5. I Will Follow
    6. Band Intros
    7. Iris (Hold Me Close)
    8. Cedarwood Road
    9. Song For Someone
    10. Sunday Bloody Sunday
    11. Raised By Wolves
    12. Until The End Of The World
    13. PA Intermission ("The Wanderer")
    14. Invisible
    15. Even Better Than The Real Thing
    16. Mysterious Ways
    17. Bono and Marcella
    18. Angel Of Harlem
    19. Volcano
    20. Bono's Bad Joke
    21. Every Breaking Wave
    22. Bullet The Blue Sky
    23. The Hands That Built America
    24. Pride
    25. Beautiful Day, Moment Of Surrender (snippet)
    26. Bad
    27. With Or Without You
    28. Encore Break/Stephen Hawking Speech
    29. City Of Blinding Lights
    30. Bono Talking
    31. Mother And Child Reunion
    32. Where The Streets Have No Name
    33. One