1. Count me in for Velvet Dress and Please or Mofo
  2. Weirdly I never even thought about that

  3. Nah. Ultra Violet features Larry dropping a drum stick. Larry counts too early at the beginning of The Unforgettable Fire. Mistakes are part of the fun, even in the studio. Doesn't mean they're "unfinished" to me.
  4. I don’t know about unfinished but please definitely hadn’t got anywhere near its potential on the album version. I tend to prefer most songs live anyway but the gap between the quality of please on the album and live or even the single edit was pretty big. If you wear that velvet dress and wake up dead man though sounded good. I like what they did with both songs live and the version of if you wear that velvet dress with Jools Holland is excellent but the album versions of both songs are good ways to listen to them too. Nowhere near as good as the closing trio of AB though. JT comes closest to that then SOE probably.
  5. great text, I had a great read
  6. Really enjoyed it