1. I would guess that in a few weeks time we'll have one of the band members make a non-committal comment about the album's progress ("no clear plan of how it's going to sound", "lost in the music" etc) which will reveal they haven't done much serious work on it yet. They don't seem to be in a hurry to do anything.
  2. I think it might be done. They have been in the studio and they said all they need to do is re-record it so maybe they are done!
  3. new nightmare: they did not finished the album and they're lying
  4. Originally posted by cmkuz1:U2W1, I think has updated on the upcoming release page on u2 songs has it now coming out Early 2025 with the tour in the summer of 2025

    The book marking for the tour timeline hasn't changed ie crew advised of June '25.