1. With a new album called Songs of Surrender coming out in 2022, a new album with new music rumoured for 2023 and tour rumours of a European stadium leg and a US arena leg it's time to slowly prepare ourselves for new music and new shows! On the day of our 16th anniversary.

    As a first step we have added 3 new subforums to the forum list:

    - Songs of Surrender, U2's 2022 album
    - New album 2023, U2's yet unnamed album scheduled for 2023
    - New tour 2023, U2's rumoured tour for 2023

    Some of the topics have an opening thread with more information, latest rumours and context to get you up to speed. Feel free to start some topics in these new forums to get discussions going

    In addition to this, we will be also bumping up our podcasting efforts, making regular podcasts to keep you up to date and to discuss the latest news and rumours.

    We will also maintain a strong presence on our social media channels, with a combined reach of more than 85,000 fans. Using our social media channels to keep you posted on everything that happens.

    And finally, we will keep up creating new content across the site as well as working on new items for our shop such as new t-shirts and such when the time is there.

    Exciting times