1. Thank you U2W1!!!! You mean so much to the community!!!
  2. What new information can U2wanderer1 give us for the new tour and the new album ? The community depends on insider knowledge, otherwise we won't make any progress here or discuss things about this and U2.
  3. u2wanderer1, you not sharing stuff on here will not be the end of the world. Life will move on. It’s not worth it getting crapped on when you share info and it’s either what someone doesn’t want to hear or it’s information that ends up getting changed or cancelled. I have appreciated all the info you’ve been able to share. If you need to go on hiatus for awhile by all means do man. Take a mental break from all of this. You’re just the messenger and you never asked to be. You did cause you and enjoyed it and it seems like it’s become somewhat of a nightmare as of late.
  4. Feels like we are going around in circles almost. Criticism is fine but when it strays into personal attacks then that is not allowed. I feel like this thread could be exploited to carry on the discussion in the other thread.

    The other thread was locked. Probably we will keep it locked for a couple of days before we reopen it.

    Refrain from opening a new thread please.