1. I found some cool pics of adam's '92 ZooTv Tour Fender P-Bass !!!

  2. Well.. It's not his ACTUAL bass from the ZOOTV tour - just a not so great (in my opinion) mock up.

    The actual bass re-appeared on the PopMart tour with a mirror pick guard but i'm not sure if it's been used since then. I might be wrong though (I don't pay very much attention to post 90's U2!)
  3. This has just been uploaded onto YouTube. Its a bit shaky in places!
    It's Adams missed gig in 93.
    So pleased he came out the other side, and is now looking so happy and content with life and himself.

  4. "Adam Clayton Of The Hype" (Neil McCormick drawing, 1977)

    Happy Birthday Adam
  5. Happy Birthday JazzMan
  6. Happy Birthday, The Member!