1. Originally posted by babyblue:Hey For some reason can't I edit my "My U2 and music taste". I've had the error since I made my account two days ago so thought I'd wait it out but it still won't work unfortunately.

    Should be fixed now! Thanks
  2. Is embedding YouTube links still do-able?
  3. Hm I haven't been able to get them to work for myself..

  4. Best way is to get rid of the all the &feature and &similar=stuff, which is what really ruins the embedding, and copy just the plain 码: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhaTeVeR thingy.
  5. Originally posted by Mr_Trek:A "bug" that's a little bit funny. When LiveTopics post my posts... my old avatar still appears. Probably a case with some info that hasn't been passed over to LTs yet.

    Now no avatar appears...
  6. It definitely does. Just not when you post using live topics.

  7. And if you had read my quote you'd have understood that that was what I meant.
  8. Sorry, I still haven't got used to the faint grey in which the quotes now appear, I don't seem to notice them too often.

  9. Shame on you.