1. A new Youtube forum-tag is introduced today to embed YouTube videos in your forum posts, you can use it very easy. Just quote this post to see how easy:

    If you have this link:

    You have to use:

    Between the [ youtube ] and [ / youtube ] tags (without spaces).

  2. that looks cool as hell. Have to try it

  3. Look at this knob
  4. haha best feature ever
  5. Whoaa that's really awesome.

  6. Hahaha that is really funny!
  7. Originally posted by Remy[..]

    Hahaha that is really funny!

    Nate showed me it the other night. Still can't stop laughing. Great feature again
  8. Wow!! this rocks!

    Great job Remy!

    A video of mine .
    The video is from an Unplugged concert of an Israeli band, Mashina.

    Here they sing a cover of Chris Isaak - Wicked Games:

  9. I absolutely knew that was gonna surface someday. Great. Every now and then I posted in my messages the BB and HTML codes to embed videos, but nothing appeared, so I supposed Remy hadn't written the code into the forum. Thanks for writing it mate! Awesome feature!!

  10. Finally, it worked! Awesome.
  11. I love this: