1. Thanks.
    This bit on U2songs threw me off...
  2. They have impeccable attention to detail but in this instance they are incorrect.
  3. I guess this is interesting. Band&choir performs the whole Joshua Tree album in one go. Of course the vocals are clearly improvable but there's a lot to be liked in here. You can tell they're all fans and have heard a lot of U2!

    0:00 Where The Streets Have No Name
    6:40 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
    12:25 With or Without You
    17:20 Bullet the Blue Sky
    23:38 Running to Stand Still
    28:40 In God's Country
    31:38 Red Hill Mining Town
    36:46 Trip Through Your Wires
    41:00 One Tree Hill
    47:18 Exit
    52:33 Mothers of the Disappeared

  4. 32nd anniversary today
  5. They wouldn't get away with this now thanks to social media.
  6. Yes everything has flown by. What a U2 years we had. I still haven't play a song from that so incredible best album of the world. A few hours to go. Let's play Exit, which we will never see them playing anymore on stage I think.

  7. Long Time ago ....
  8. I remember it clearly!
    We were on school holiday and on the way back the bus stopped at the gas station...I went down for a piss and I saw the JT tape exposed on a shelf...I was surprised because I didn’t know anything about a U2 new album ( there was no internet or other easy way to find out news or else)
    Well I bought the new tape and I played it in my Walkman the whole night through from Rome to Milan on our way back
    In the morning when we arrived I had dry lips for singing
    But what I remember most of all was the organ at the beginning of Streets....my ears never heard a magic like that....I was 15 and I remember it like it’s now
    One of my best moments in life
    I still got the tape ( orange case )
    ...years later when I changed the speakers of my poor stereo and I bought a pair of Bose 401 for my bday the first thing I played was The Joshua Tree just to hear the intro
    By the time I played it my father came into my room and said: that’s your birthday gift?....goddamn!fuck it!