1. The eagle has landed here in Kent. Lovely set.
  2. Still waiting on cds .......could have been round the world three times or maybe quicker buying on e-bay at a ridiculous price
  3. Maybe Santa's doing the delivery 🚚 ..... Ho Ho ho!
  4. I expect U2 themselves to deliver at this point via private plane.
  5. Arrived on the Sunshine Coast (BC).
  6. Rotflol
  7. Wirral,UK received about 11.45am (email received 30th Oct re on its way) Considering the tracker at UPS states it’s still in a New York post office...via Switzerland too.Happy days,onto 2020 now
  8. I calling that Experience DVD audio is the next subscription gift. Paddy Power has me at 5/2.
  9. That would be super lazy and predictable...

    ...So yeah, bets are high on that one.
  10. I’d be happy with that. I know we can just rip the audio from the dvd but having an official physical copy of a show I was at on cd would be cool. Don’t think it will be that though but hope I’m wrong.