1. It's awesome
  2. Yep, that sure is a Muse song
  3. I feel like they’re running out of vocal Melodys. And it just feels…. I don’t know. Unauthentic? Like they say “we’re gonna write a “metal” song” then they write it. I could be wrong. Maybe it happens organically in the studio but I seriously doubt it
  4. Sounds like an outtake from Simulation Theroy
  5. Awesome song!
  6. Tried again today and I just can’t get past the verses. They are awful imo.
  7. Nice little nod to a-ha at the start.
  8. Just heard it finally. Good one - sounds like good old Muse but heavier. Like Dream Theater on Octavarium (where they sounded too much like Muse lol).