1. Surprised he saw sixty.
  2. Yeah,you always got the feeling he was never gonna play a full 90.Loved him,I loved watching him.’82 Spain World Cup anticipation to see him play was huge for me.Running home from school to watch him.He was the Messi of my generation,but better,far better.But then again any best of’s are subjective,I get that.2 of the greatest ever players pass away on the same date,25th November,him & George Best.A certain Brazilian called Pele will be watching his arse on this date next year...

    Pele - good,Maradona - better,George Best
  3. Real Madrid 🤡
  4. Going to my first game in 9 months on Saturday. 1k capacity trial game.
  5. I am watching Man City <3 vs Porto !!! 0:0
  6. We'll talk for days about what happened in the PSG vs Istanbul Basaksehir game.
  7. Millwall fans booed when the players took the knee on Saturday. Today QPR played Millwall and celebrated like this:

  8. The Fly as the walkout song? Haha