1. can't believe this has happened, such good news! love the new single too.
  2. I knew it was his birthday today, but celebrating it with a new album announcement is superb Congrats, Major Tom!
  3. YES, can't wait to see if he tours, that'd be amazing!

  4. That'd be great, although I think it'd be hard to top the last tour. I honestly doubt he'll tour again -- he apparently declined an offer to sing Heroes at the Olympics on the grounds that he doesn't play live anymore. Be that as it may, who knows, and the man has such style -- it will be a success, with or without tour. (And no talk of being relevant etc. He does what he feels like doing, and he does it well!)
  5. I never really listened to him, of course I know his most famous songs but thats it.

    I like this new song after the first time I listend to it.
    But what I find just very funny and quite briliant is his new album cover
    If this is true at least

    I just read he won't do any interviews or a tour to promote the album, so I'm sorry guys.
  6. ^ where did you read that?
  7. The cover: http://virusfonts.com/news/2013/01/david-bowie-the-next-day-that-album-cover-design/

    And about the tour and interviews on a Dutch site, where they quoted this Twitter converstation:

    pgofton ‏@pgofton
    I don't want Bowie to tour, to do any interviews, nothing. Just stick the record out. Take it or leave it.
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    7h Julian Stockton ‏@julianstockton
    @pgofton Pete, you will get your wish.
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    And apparently Julian Stockton is his manager. Don't know if its really serious but its just what I read
  8. we'll have to wait and see! thanks for the info.
  9. Heard the new song already?

    You can't go wrong with a song about Berlin and put it in a video clip
  10. Been a Fan for years ...Got Low and Heroes on LP and a lot on CD ...
    Can't wait for the new CD...