1. What, in your opinion is the best U2 song?
    and which is the worst?

    heres mine,

    best: streets

    worst: J. Swallo
  2. Best song : BAD(LIVE)
    :Unforgetable fire(studio)

    Worst :Some days are better than others(Studio)
  3. Best : Streets

    Worst : Miami (studio)
  4. best: Streets

    worst: the playboy mansion (studio)
  5. Have to say, i dont think the studio version of Miami is so bad. To me it sounds like a good idea they had that they didnt really pull off.

    good idead to have best and worst songs live.

    best live: Pride - rattle and hum

    worst live: anything from Popmart NewJersey. Bono's voice that nite is the stuff of nightmares!lol
  6. Best: Miss Sarajevo (changes by day i must admit)

    Worst: The Playboy Mansion
  7. Best: Dirty Day

    Worst: Kite
  8. Originally posted by yeah
    Worst: Kite

  9. Originally posted by yeahBest: Dirty Day

    Worst: Kite

    KITE? lol what on earth for?
  10. Originally posted by thebonodrums[..]

    KITE? lol what on earth for?

    cheesy lyrics, awful melody - simple.
  11. Best: Promenade
    Worst: maybe something from ATYCLB
  12. best: hard to choose, too many
    wrost: boy-girl