1. I mean, live worked quite well, but it's too predictable - you know by the start how it will progress and how it will end.
  2. Originally posted by Alvin:[..]
    Me neither - SYCMOYO is too kitsch to me...
    And COBL was nice when it first came out, but really quickly get bored with it (and the same with almost all of the album)... agree with LAPOE being best song on HTDAAB...
    LAPOE is one of their best works from the 00s, especially live.
  3. Best......Bad
  4. changing my worse from Numb to Wild Honey.
  6. best: stay, bad, and until the end of the world
    worst: when love comes to town
  7. ...of course, Streets is still the best to me while The Playboy Mansion is the worst.
  8. Best- too many... Gone, Heartland, Standstill, etc
    Worse- 4th July, White as Snow or Cedars of Lebanon
  9. What are people's thoughts on 'walk to the water'?