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    Not sure I follow...the responses on Twitter to this article or to the song itself? Most of what I've read of fan reactions has been very positive regarding the Kendrick/U2 collaboration.

    Response to the article itself.

    I'd say the problem with rap/hip hop is much worse than how rock used to be. The "industry accepted formula" for modern rap/hip hop is limited to very specific topics and there are just a few artists that venture out of that theme for more than a song.

  2. First rehearsal footage leaked
  3. Imagine if we would've had a separate thread for all South American rumours, with all rumours from the past 2 years. We would be at page 40 now.
  4. Yeah looks like a few late nights written over their faces.

    Bono definitely looks just a little 'out of sorts' this last week or so, maybe he's just a bit tired and under the weather.
  5. More posts from Japan by Adam. I hope this serves as an inspiration for future songs.
  6. Bono looks like he's piling on the pounds.

    Bono, I'll see you at the snack bar at the back of Croke Park during Trip Through Your Wires.
  7. Agree, Larry looks the most aged of the band, especially considering he's always looked the youngest in the past.