1. Just was on ITunes (us store) and they added a bunch of new videos.
    Ultraviolet- 360 video Live Rose Bowl
    GOYB - Boston Sum Theater
    Breathe - Boston Sum Theater
    Go Crazy - Boston Sum Theater
    GOYB - making of video
    Windows in the sky - alt version
    Live Aid and Live 8 full sets
  2. you don't know what it is to be 16 years old and watch your favorite band grow old
  3. No one wants to get old... but no one wants to die young either.
  4. Been listening to The Stones since I was 12, and I was 21 when Freddie died... So I do have some perspective...

    (And you know what they say...: you weren't really 16 when you remember being 16... )
  5. I love the guys from U2. I do not care what they look like. Of course, I can understand that in today's world, one would rather look a little younger than it would possibly look without cosmetics. I can see that Bono is coloring his hair, that in times when he has no concerts the gray temples are visible. Whether he had something to operate on the eyes, I can not judge. If this is for medical reasons, I think it's fine if he did it for aesthetic reasons, I think he does not need it, but it's up to him. He is also in private matters, he is in the public and is recognized everywhere, because it is certainly also pleasant for him to feel good. Anyway, I love this band and love their music and find it remarkable that they have worked in their lives and what success they have had. I wish all four only the best and a long fulfilled life.
  6. I believe that there's gonna be free Botox injections with the next album - the deluxe version only, of course.


    The next compilation album will contains these tracks:

    The Electric Co Stair Lift

    Into The Heart Attack - sorry that's a bit grim that one

    A Sort Of Old People's Home Coming

    I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For Because I Have Alzheimer's - please Remy don't ban me and I am sorry but I had to

    If God Will Send His Angels

    One Step Closer To The Grave - yeh, that's a bit grim too

    Get On Your Slippers

    Sleep Like A Baby Tonight, This Morning, This Afternoon and Early Evening

    Cedarwood Road Retirement Home

    ...all meant in jest
  7. I forgot how strange this threat gets when there's barely any U2 news