1. I loved the song too.

    I don't think the song would have really fit with the narrative of Innocence and Experience to be on the last two albums...
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    Sorry to take this thread off the rails but I was wondering if Bono had met all the Popes since JP2. Here is a timeline.

    JP2 1978 -2005
    Benedict 2005 - 2013
    Francis 2013 - present.

    We have pics of Bono with JP2 and of Francis but what about Pope Benedict? Anyone?
    I hope he didn't get to meet that backward pseudo fascist Pope. Meeting Geoge W. Bush after the Irak war was enough.
  3. He was invited to meet with Benedict on Nov. 21, 2009:


    The U2 Diary book lists if but doesn’t seem sure it happened. When Bono met Pope Francis in 2018, several articles from Catholic news sources mentioned it was his second time meeting with a Pope. So that implies Bono didn’t make the 2009 meeting…
  4. Thanks for all of the updates and contributions. I was just curious about the facts on this one.

    Its obvious some people have some strong opinions about various Popes and Presidents.

    It is possible that Bono met Benedict in private and the news wasn't made public.
  5. While I hate seeing photo ops of Bono meeting with any politician (which includes Bill Gates) or religious figurehead, I just have to remind myself that he’s doing what he believes is for the greater good. And it might be!
  6. That's interesting. I wonder why he didn't go. I mean, being invited to meet the Pope is as big of a meeting as it gets, and I can't think of many reasons to decline it.

    Reading the article, though, it seems to have been a much wider meeting with dozens of artists instead of a 1:1 meeting. Do you know if the 2005 meeting with Pope Paul II was 1:1 or were there more artists involved?
  7. I remember that in 2005 Geldolf and Bono met Bush and Blair during that Summer right up until the Live 8 push. There was a flurry of activity.
  8. Oh boy instead of discussing the choice of AB30live tracks we are forced to discuss Bono’s meetings:/ cmon u2.com
  9. Originally posted by zbych:Oh boy instead of discussing the choice of AB30live tracks we are forced to discuss Bono’s meetings:/ cmon u2.com

    Agreed ! Let's not mix politics with religion.