1. For some I maybe late to the party but yesterday I was listening to The Stranglers and all I can say is "WOW!" Adam wasn't wasn't kidding when he said he was influenced by them. I always new he was influenced by Peter Hook of Joy Division/New Order (as was I) but you can really hear it in this punk/new wave band from the seventies.

    (Gee, do you think Franz Ferdinand might have listened to them?)

  2. just now i found out that U2 have opened the show of "The Stranglers" in 1978 (first show with more of than 2500 people), band I started listening recently for the song "Peaches" (very good song anyway)

    and Bono have a fight with the band because of the treatment that they gave to U2
  3. A friend of mine from Dublin was at The Stranglers concert at the Top Hat Ballroom. He says he recalls U2 looking very uncomfortable and the Edge broke a string early on in the gig to make matters worse for them.
  4. Apparently Bono flipped a lid and made a song tie in to, 'No More Heroes' when he was singing or something in the dressing room.
  5. Nice one 👍
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