1. 5€ each.second hand shop in Milano
  2. The last CD I bought was No Line On The Horizon. I wanted high quality audio from the CD to hear all the little details in the different layers of sound in each song. Moment of Surrender was particularly gorgeous for sound detail.

    I feel quite ashamed actually I haven't bought a CD since then. I think I have got too lazy and used to buying all my songs digitally now on Google Play that I have forgotten the things I used to really appreciate from CDs.
  3. The last CD was an official The Who bootleg from 2007, which I grabbed off ebay in summer. Before that....the two Bruce Springsteen bootlegs ordered from his website from the shows I attended, that was summer 2016.

    I don't pay for lossy digital music.
  4. Bjork -Utopia
    Pearl Jam. double dvd live at Wrigleys
    3 different editions of SOE ( itunes- cd de luxe and cd/vinyls super deluxe edition)
    Neil Young and co.-Visitors
    Van Morrison- Versatile
  5. SOE