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    Note by Remy: This is a sticky thread with all the ZooTV phone calls, since this archive is going to be removed from this site with U2start 2.9 we'll stick to this thread for the phone calls.

    Zoo TV Phone Calls

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    As 'The Fly'

    1992-03-27 - Auburn Hills, Michigan
    When switching channels after "Even better than the real thing" Bono stops at a pizza advertisement and turns to the audience "You want some pizza?" While the crowd roar, he picks up the phone and dials the number of the screen. "Hello? Is this Speedy Pizza? I'd like to order 10.000 pizzas for Detroit. We're at the Palace, you know the Palace? Yeah, I am serious, I'm very serious! You can't make 10.000? Just make as many as you can OK? What? My name is Bono....". As they wait for the encore, the crowd are confused when three man in blue uniforms wheel in a large cart, but cheer as one of the video screens zooms in to reveal what is on the card: pizza. The crowd chant "Piz-za, piz-za", while a handred pizza boxes are flung like frisbees to those within reach, leaving the crowd exhilarated and well-fed. (Reports say it was pepperoni.) The incident will prove one of the most notorious and much-quoted of the entire tour. For the 1993 tour, U2's merchandise company will print T-shirts with the text: I'D LIKE TO ORDER 10.000 PIZZAS' on the front.

    1992-08-12 - East Rutherford, New Jersey
    Bono wants to speak with the President and is disappointed when he can't speak to him.

    As 'The Mirrorball Man'

    1992-08-13 - East Rutherford, New Jersey
    The Mirrorball Man calls a phone number that tells him what the time his, The Mirrorball Man just wants to speak with his baby.

    1992-08-15 - Washington, District of Columbia
    The Mirrorball Man calles The White House and asks for Barbara Bush.

    1992-08-16 - Washington, District of Columbia
    The Mirrorball Man calles The White House and asks for president Bush, when he's not there Bono leaves a message.

    1992-08-18 - Saratoga Springs, New York
    Bono calls the time and other information service (get the current time, temperature etc.) and demands he gets to speak with his baby.

    1992-08-20 - Foxboro, Massachusetts
    Bono wants to speak with his baby but calls the time and other info service (weather etc.).

    1992-08-22 - Foxboro, Massachusetts
    Bono wants to speak with the President but is he not available to him. Bono is very disappointed and wants to speak to Barbara Bush, which is not available either. He then decides to leave a message.

    1992-08-23 - Foxboro, Massachusetts
    Bono wants to speak with his baby but all he gets is the current time and temperature. Phone call takes place at the end of the song.

    1992-08-25 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Bono wants to speak with his baby but all he gets is the current time.

    1992-08-27 - Montreal, Quebec
    Bono wants to get through to some "Rudi" but can't get through two times, if anyone knows what he says please report in the forums.

    1992-08-29 - New York, New York
    Bono wants to speak to the President but can't get to speak with the President and is disappointed but tells the girl that he loves her anyway. Phone call takes place at the end of the song.

    1992-09-02 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Bono wants to speak to the President but unfortunately he isn't available (again). He then wants to leave a message.

    1992-09-05 - Toronto, Ontario
    60.000 people wants to speak with George Bush, unfortunately Bono hears that he needs to call back at another time. He decides that he's gonna leave a message about Elvis.

    1992-09-11 - Ames, Iowa
    Bono wants to speak with his baby, unfortunately all he gets is the current time.

    1992-09-13 - Madison, Wisconsin
    Bono calls the White House asking to speak to President Bush. Unfortunately the President is not available to "Elvis" which is alive according to Bono.

    1992-09-18 - Tinley Park, Illinois
    Bono decides to give Mayor Welch a call, unfortunately he isn't available. The Chief of Police isn't there either, Bono just wants to know if the people around the stadium had any complaints tonight.

    1992-09-20 - St. Louis, Missouri
    The Mirrorball Man calles the White House and wants to speak to operator two and to the President. He asks the operator if she wants to see U2 play.

    1992-09-23 - Columbia, South Carolina
    Bono wants to speak with The White House but he can't get through.

    1992-09-25 - Atlanta, Georgia
    Bono calls the White House and asks for an explanation why the operator didn't come to the concert. He then wants to speak to operator two confessing that he got an crush on her.

    1992-10-24 - Tempe, Arizona
    The Mirrorball Man calls the White House again and wants to speak with the President. He cannot believe the President isn't available to him when he gets no for an answer. He decided to leave a message that he has a broken heart.

    1992-10-27 - El Paso, Texas
    Bono calls with some Sherry at a beach, he gets a message that his pants are getting tighter the more popular and bigger he gets.

    1992-11-07 - Oakland, California
    Bono wants to speak with nearly ex-President Bush and decides he wants to leave a message when he's not available.

    1992-11-10 - San Diego, California
    Bono doesn't want to speak with the President 'cause he hurted his feelings, he tries to connect with a White House operator but gets the time service.

    1992-11-12 - Las Vegas, Nevada
    Bono calls the White House wanting to speak with President Bush, unfortunately he isn't available for the people of Nevada. He tells the operator that he won't call the President again.

    1992-11-14 - Anaheim, California
    The Mirrorball Man calles the White House and asks for President Bush. He decides to leave a message when the President is not available telling the President that he's not going to bother him anymore.

    As 'Mister MacPhisto'

    1993-05-10 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    MacPhisto calls his travel agent to get out of Rotterdam.

    1993-05-11 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    MacPhisto calls Dutch Queen Beatrix to ask if she like Rock & Roll.

    1993-06-04 - Munich, Germany
    MacPhisto calls the german chancellor's office.

    1993-06-06 - Stuttgart, Germany
    MacPhisto calls again the German chancellor.. No chance on sunday.

    1993-06-09 - Bremen, Germany
    MacPhisto calls a taxi company to take him to the german chancellor.

    1993-06-12 - Cologne, Germany
    MacPhisto calls the German chancellor's office. "Could you thank the chancellor for letting me back into the country?"

    1993-08-12 - London, England
    MacPhisto "phones" with Salman Rushdie.

    1993-08-28 - Dublin, Ireland
    Bono calls the office of the United Nations but unfortunately the office is closed for lunch, Bono gets the voicemail.

    1993-11-27 - Sydney, Australia
    Bono calls a taxi company and asks for a ride home from the Sydney Football Stadium.

  2. 1993-11-27 - Sydney, Australia

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  3. WOW! More Phone Calls! here's a cover i made,
    of (some...not ALL!) the MacPhisto Phone Calls

    I'll have to make
    more cds/covers!

    p.s. - i haven't checked ALL your linx - i may have
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  4. Thank you so much for this. I have wanted to get hold of these phone calls for ages. Sadly a few of them do not work. Would it be possible to reload the ones that are not working and maybe put them on the Bootleg pages alongside the relevant shows. These are an important part of U2 history.
    Many thanks. Lady G.

  5. I second that request for the Macphisto calls. If someone could upload them all as one file it would be wonderful.

    My suggestion for a CD title? "Speak of the Devil."
  6. There is a Video or concert where i can see the phone call of The Fly? when he call for pizza... and the rest of the show??
    If anyone know or have something can tell me??
  7. Originally posted by ClaudeF:
    I second that request for the Macphisto calls. If someone could upload them all as one file it would be wonderful.

    My suggestion for a CD title? "Speak of the Devil."

    I'm with this fella, if anyone still has the Macphisto calls can the ybe re-uploaded as Speak of the Devil?

  8. This is a GREAt topic and collection. I will defenitly have to add this to my collection and create a few original CDs outta of this.
    I will design a CD-cover for it too


  9. None of these links work...can anyone respost? Preferably as one large file but I'll take whatever I can get

  10. Why didn't I see this one before? This is great stuff. Nice cover art, BTW.
  11. Great Work The MacPhisto Phone Calls are always great