1. 52€ including fees... Wow that's quite some difference. I wonder the reason. Congrats on grabbing them though!
  2. Tickets on name. Hope it helps.
  3. Same here, and supposedly with strict ID and ticket name cross check... I hope it stops scalpers.
  4. it seems to be the same everywhere, good
  5. official sale starts in a few minutes. let's see how many tix are left.
  6. £95 to get a standing ticket is laughable. Ended up pay £55 for a seating ticket. I'm not bothered.
  7. eventim said cheapest tix were all sold out. strange, as TM still had some. got one for 65 €
  8. Well I royally messed up getting tickets for this. Here's hopeing for a ticket drop.
  9. Any fan here who doesn't have the Hardwired... album yet and would like to get it, either as download (for free) or in physical form (add shipping) ? With every purchased ticket came a unique code, which can officially be forwarded to friends etc. I already have the cd, so if anyone would like to get my code, drop me a pm

    --edit: code n/a anymore --
  10. two dates in Bologna in february, 100 km from my house, i've got them
  11. they are actually streaming a live show Now!
  12. last date of the NA leg moreover