1. Hi everyone,
    now you know 2 of my favourite groups.. What do u think about DM? The first song I listened to was "walking in my shoes", and I fell in love with them. Now everytime they come to Italy I go to their concerts.. I think they improved, without losing their tipycal sound..
    Simply (one of) the best..
  2. They're pretty cool. I like their synth-pop!
    Enjoy The Silence is great of course! And Condemnation, I Feel You and Personal Jesus are awesome
  3. I love there darker songs like Clean Wating for the Night and Higher love. . it makes me think. Really awesome. waiting for there new album is torture just like with U2.
  4. You're right Genaro!! But the album should be released in april so it'll be a great year for albums (and for concerts as well..)!!!
  5. Great band, talented song writers.

  6. might go to see them in Bratislava on June 22nd
  7. listening to DM since the 80's, I grew up with their music. I still love their work, they're among my top 5 bands of all time. I saw them in 2006 in Duesseldorf. Legend
  8. Amazing band. My perception and rating of their stuff is pretty similar to the U2 eras I like the most. Imho, everything DM touched between 1987 (Music for the masses) and 1997 (Ultra) was pure gold. Their earlier releases are pretty cool, too but everything from 2000 onwards was only so so...

    Great live band,too with a good share between the charisma of Dave and the rather shy Martin.
    Don't miss them when they play near you.
  9. Amazing band!!!
    it's said they saved the Electronic Music... and that they partly invented the "NEW" Electronic sound in music a long time ago...
    I really enjoy listening DM.... very very good band...
  10. Great band!
  11. Next time they come to Cali im going!!! theres no stopping me! I love the 00's work i think there getting better except for the early 90s late 80s work which is still the best. I dont care much for there early work.
  12. love them .....there great ....