1. Hello,
    I'm a U2 italian fan and I hope that in my future see many many many concerts of Mityques.
    Excuse me for my english that is not very well, but I hope to write discreetly.
    I have many concert of U2 and the quality of everyone is practically SOUNDBOARD.
    But I don't know upload.
    If you help me I will make of my best.
    Thanks of all

  2. Hey tofuaz! Welcome here

    Uploading is very easy!

    Just visit one of these sites:

    Rapidshare.de (has some problems at the moment)

    Select from your computer the file you want to upload and wait till its done

    If your looking for u2 music check my collection then: http://www.u2start.com/topic/27/
  3. I have interested to the following concerts:

    DORTMUND 21.11.1984

    BOSTON 05.06.2001
    BOSTON 06.06.2001
    BOSTON 08.06.2001

    KANSAS CITY 27.11.2001

    But i want upload only concert that the quality is SOUNDBOARD o similar.

    Now, I make a test to upload a file with SAVEFILE.

    See you later

  4. We're working on it