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    - If you want to request recordings of dates that are less than 48 hours ago, then be patient. It's not allowed to post requests for dates that just have been passed. Tapers need to have some time to get everything together. And even then, we have eyes too and you can trust that we will get new stuff online asap.

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  2. I'm looking for GOYB from the Grammys... I noticed the huge file one in the video section, does anybody just have the video in a smaller size download? Like the Brits and Echo ones that fit in one Rapidshare link as opposed to the VOB/AVI file? Cheers.
  3. Are there any bootlegs that has Bono's ear piece?? With the ear piece you can hear his voice much clearer. Let me know!!!

  4. A lot, just filter the bootlegs on IEM/ALD recording and look for Bono in the comment field.
  5. Hey guys! Recently I've had a fetish with lovetown. I've been looking for the DVD files (NTSC) of the Smile Jamaica concert and the sydney concert (not the one with hawkmoon, god part 2, love rescue me) that has Hawkmoon, Desire, Angel of Harlem, and it ends with Pride i think. Anyone have the DVD files of those 2 concerts (NTSC) that they could upload? Thanks!!!


    (Thanks Remy, sorry about the other post!)
  6. Has anyone got the complete bootleg of this one as it appears on U2 Bootleg Cover archive including the soundchecks etc.. :-

    2009-01-18 - Washington, District of Columbia - Lincoln Memorial

    Thank you
  7. Chris

    Here is the track listing on the bootleg cover which appears on U2 bootleg Cover archive;

    1. America's song - Oprah Winfrey show - The Inaugral Celebration.
    2. Pride - Soundcheck - Lincoln Memorial 17/1/09
    3. COBL - Soundcheck - Lincoln Memorial 17/1/09
    4. Pride - 18/1/09
    5. COBL - 18/1/09

    Is the abive available as a bootleg?

    Thank you

  8. Does any1 have the audio from when U2 won best conterbution to music at the brit awards a few years back ??
  9. Any one have the video or audio from the NME awards (2002-02-25) where U2 played Beat on the Brat? I have the audio from the Ramones Tribute CD, but is it the same recording?
  10. hi, does anyone have the slane castle bootleg but with good sound quality.

    it was released by u2.com for the fans and i was wandering if anyone could put it on here from me to download because i love this concert and would love to hear a good version of it.