1. I was wondering if anyone knows the story behind this song? Why is it sung so out of key? Do you think Bono purposely did it in some relation to the meaning of the song? Was it a demo that they decided to release after performing it live? What's the deal? It is so much better live . . . yet somehow there is something endearing about it being so awful. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Don't really have the specific answers to your questions, but I do remember reading something somewhere...an early interview with the band, perhaps in the Best of Propaganda book, where one of the band members mentioned the song being played live in their initial years, and secondhandedly mentioning "Well, that'll probably never get played again; it's just not a very good song at all"

    Funny how its the most popular U2 song never to be on an official studio album.
  3. It's not out of key but rather in an unusual key. I read in this book made out of quotes that the boy named Trash was actually Adam and it was about something that really happened with a girl (but Bono gives no more clues about it). It came to a B-side because it was recorded in-between records, from sessions which led to no particular amazing thing, so they began to play it live, to fulfill setlists.
  4. U2 Into the Heart - the stories behind every U2 song (this would worth reading)