1. Hi all,

    I've uploaded the bootleg 'Outside Broadcast'. This is a bootlegged copy of the Island Records promo CD ZOO RADIO TRANSMIT. (see http://www.u2wanderer.org/disco/pr104.html) The tracklist is significantly different, containing much more (and fabulous!) soundboard quality live versions, not to be found elsewhere. A must have for Zoo TV addicts!

    1. Interview
    2. Until the End of the World / Zoo Radio
    3. Even Better Than the Real Thing / Zoo Radio
    4. Mysterious Ways / Zoo Radio on Madonna
    5. The Fly / The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy Interview
    6. One / Zoo Radio
    7. Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World / U2 on Lou Reed
    8. Satellite of Love / Zoo Radio
    9. Public Enemy Interview
    10. Bullet the Blue Sky / Zoo Radio
    11. Where the Streets Have No Name / U2 on Elvis
    12. Running to Stand Still / Zoo Radio
    13. Can't Help Falling in Love With You


  2. Thanks!!!!
  3. My first original bootlegs.One of the Best!!!!!!!!
  4. An excellent bootleg for sure...personnaly it contains the best version of bullet the blue sky i've ever heard...loud and deeply agressive...a must have !!!
  5. Which show does the outside broadcast actually come from? Cheers guys
  6. It comes from Anaheim 1992-11-14. Such a shame only 14 songs were broadcasted...
  7. The Fly And Mysterious Ways (at least) are from 1992/10/14 Houston TX, not sure about the rest
  8. There's something confusing here. Some time ago, I also thought i came from Houston 10-14, but I read somewhere it comes from Anaheim.
    We need a bootleg master to ask us!!!
  9. I think the songs are from Houston 1992-10-14
  10. It'a alright, it's alright, it's alright... This bootleg moves in mysterious ways...
    Thanks for correcting!!!

  11. Streets from this show is a MUST HAVE !!

    Yes, it's Houston.