1. don't post anything that i think is false ore fake news about someone that long "away" from public and i am not a fan of schummi never was and never will be but he don't deserve this. sometimes it better to die instantly than to life like this

  2. that's what i stand for
  3. no hard feelings @ welsh edge it makes me mad; source pictures movies ect ect

  4. he is still in a coma after the crash at spa, hopefully he recovers from the coma

  5. still a race against the clock, but he is out of coma
  6. sorry for charlez he had to win, and good job max for leaving the merceders behind
  7. honesty is the best policy not in his case
  8. sometimes it is better to shut up , everything you say is used against you
  9. Haha, that's why U2 is late to rehearse, Bono had to prep Hamiltons car.