1. No. We did look at tickets and plenty are available at a reasonable price, but I still have PTSD from 2021. Will sit on the beach instead.
  2. Enjoy the beach 😀😀
  3. Originally posted by SJKamal:Landed in Dubai a couple of hours ago. There was a taxi pick up sign for "SKY Sports F1". If I had stuck around I probably would have seen a few of the presenters.
    I knew Abu Dhabi was last race of the season, but never looked at the calendar, and assumed there were 2 weeks in between Vegas. Glad I saw your post so I do not miss this weekend.
  4. Seasons over. See you all next year for a repeat of the past 2 seasons.

  5. Nope. McLaren will be on top next year 🥳🎊🎉

  6. _: :beer:
  7. Team statements everywhere.
  8. lets hope that the rest of the clowns will work together at Ferrari