1. Originally posted by aussiemofo:I can't believe I haven't got this one. Will definitely check it out.

    EDIT: I noticed it's only 3 stars. Is that a "good" 3 stars?

    mis-rated for sure. It's a 3'5 or even 4 stars bootleg in my book. GET IT
  2. Crew members can change the rating

  3. It's your fault, not mine - you do so many things that we sometimes forget that we're part of the crew too
  4. Easier on you now you've got someone to blame ?

  5. Chris, seriously.... Did I disappoint you??

    PS. Rating changed
  6. Nah, definitely a bad taste in my mouth. But that is probably caused by the too old doritos i just ate


    Greeeeeaaaat show. ZooTV still not very much my thing, but I like this one for a random listen every once in a while.
  7. It's a mindblowing gig just as most of the 1st and 2nd legs
  8. Originally posted by yeah:Great show. The band spent the day with pub-hopping and everyone seems to be rat-arsed. Lots of funny moments.
    Pub-hopping really took its toll on Bono's voice. I didn't remember the start of Zoo Station (the I could have lost you chant) to be as rough as it really was: