1. I have to give major credit to this (very underrated) tune from The Passengers album.
    It kick started my love of ambient music and expanded my musical horizons like some kind of drug.
    The imagery is stunning, and the sounds are urgent and well crafted.

    It also, played out perfectly at the end of the Anime classic, 'Ghost in the Shell.'
  2. The Passengers love is all around tonight.
  3. I can see why Larry hates it, much as I love him.
    He says the right side of his brain is redundant and this is exactly where this album aims for.
  4. When will the Ito Okashi topic arrive?
  5. One Minute Warning is a classic, I love A Different Kind of Blue too Not to mension Always Forever Now
  6. One Minute Warning is something brilliant. Don't know what U2 were thinking at the time, but whatever it was, they need to get back on it.