1. 2011-07-30 - Moncton, Canada - Magnetic Hill Music Festival Site

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    The Final Setlist...

    Wow,A gig with my two favourite bands,and this is gonna be the best gig ever on 360 I think,


    Does anyone have a ticket ?

    Or are you going to attend to show ?

    Well I am at the other side of the world for now,So I am unable toibut If you can,don't miss it.
  2. I'm from Canada but gettng from Southern Ontario to the south eastern part of New Brunswick is quite a trek.
  3. planning on a cross continent trek to the best outdoor venue in the Maritimes!
    hope the strawberries are still in season

    I'm seeing the start of the US/Canada tour Saturday in Denver, and the ending on a Saturday 10 weeks later in Moncton (with couple shows in between)
  4. So sad I won't be attending. Flights cost way too much.
  5. Just looked at the web cam from the concert site, looks like the build has started.......5 more sleeps
  6. Does anyone know what time U2 will be taking the stage on Saturday? The program starts at 3 pm, as opposed to the usual 7pm start. Is Arcade Fire playing a full concert too? I'm driving up from Maine, so just trying to figure out logistics. So pumped for this show!
  7. I am flying to the show from Newfoundland. Very much looking forward to attending my first Tour Closer!

    Can't Wait!!

  8. I know it now , its a haunting song but its nice.
  9. I'll be there! Leaving by train on Friday! 20 hour train ride..should be fun!