1. I've got Jimmy Eat World in August and Coldplay in October. I'm thinking about Imagine Dragons as well, but I haven't pulled the trigger on those tickets yet.

    This year will easily be my most active year in terms of concerts. So far I've got 5 concerts in total with possibly Imagine Dragons and The Killers if they announce more dates.
  2. this is my spring/summer fall

    Depeche Mode
    Duran Duran
    Def Leppard with Poison
    Midnight Oil

    (+ 6 shows of the boys!)
  3. Awesome list
  4. Muse - July 18, Toronto
    GNR - October 29, Toronto
    *Supersonic - November 25, Toronto
    *I know. I know. It's an Oasis tribute band...but it's all I got these days (and they're pretty damn good!)
  5. Muse (Toronto)
    Coldplay (Toronto)
    Depeche Mode (Toronto)
  6. Royal Blood!
  7. Ive already seen quite a few great shows this year , including Radiohead Duran Duran Muse and Tears For Fears . After my U2 gigs in Miami and Tampa:

    McCartney Miami July 7
    Coldplay Miami Aug 28
    Depeche Mode Miami Sept 15
    McCartney MSG NYC Sept 17
    McCartney Brooklyn NY Sept 19
    Zac Brown Band WPB Sept 23
  8. Phil Collins this coming Thursday legend, hands down.
  9. Wow that should be great, good to see Phil well ,since he nearly died a few years ago from to much drinking
  10. He actually had an accident in his hotel room some days ago, so he had to cancel the two London shows he is supposed to begin his 5days marathon in Cologne tonight, so fingers crossed he is well enough again to be back on stage as I type
  11. Saw Guns N Roses in the Olympic Stadium in London last night...f*cking brilliant
  12. Glastonbury next weekend......