1. Originally posted by Sydney_MIke:For me, WOWY in Rattle & Hum is better than the album and one of the best renditions ever. Often one or more of the band shine in a performance but in R&H they all deliver a stellar performance.

    As a generalisation, I'd say this is what U2 do well - take a good album track to another level live. These outnumber the instances where they muck it up.
    In my opionion the R&H version lacks the atmosphere that the album version have.
    No live version have that atmosphere, but there live versions that have their own atmosphere;
    1989-12-26 - Dublin
    1993 Sydney Dvd
    Popmart versions, there are a few ones on Popmart. Didnt they create a new live arrengement on the rehearsals that never never went reality?
    2015-07-02 - Chicago
  2. WoWY is so different between live and studio - the very emotions it evokes are different for me, with the studio being so quiet, regretful, and atmospheric, while the live versions (at least the good ones) are really powerful and transcendent. I love both.

    That being said, I think Dirty Day and DGPfYCC both fall really flat on the album. They’re both missing an energy present in the live performances that makes them feel unfinished to me.