1. Originally posted by conjasnat:well as far as I am concerned rise it a shit fest which I wont pay to see, fan service gone bad, leeks were correct, for me SW ended with ROTJ, last 3 films no direction and story screwed over GL legacy. The mouse house has really done a number on this.

    enjoying the Mandalorian though
    Loads of money though!
  2. Saw it yesterday. Dragged my poor 9-year-old son to see it. It's been a tradition since 2015 for us to see these newer Xmas releases (although nothing last year).

    Things I now remember...at five, my son didn't last through The Force Awakens (understandably) but did get through (even enjoyed) Rogue 1. Neither of us liked The Last Jedi but, foolishly, I thought it'd be better two years later. It was not. My son left to go shopping with his mom about half way through the film.

    I'm not going to get into a full review (because I honestly can't remember too many details beyond the cameos). I guess that's just it. Nothing resonated with me. Although from a marketing perspective, these movies have been created to get $$$$ from guys like me who are reminiscing about what they loved about their youth. However, I can no longer get on board with the ideas or the characters in these films. I have no emotional attachment to Rey, Poe, and Finn. I rolled my eyes way too many times during this trilogy - and the middles ones, too!

    Sorry to be a downer about the film (I really don't post in too many other forums on the net other than here so I guess this is where I'll vent). I sincerely hope those of you who did see it did enjoy it. It's just time for me to move on from the Star Wars universe. I probably should have done so back in 1983!

    Merry Christmas!
  3. I think it was a good ending to this trilogy but a poor ending overall. I think that this trilogy has not added much.
  4. Disney ruined Star Wars.
  5. My condolences as a Trekkie to all you Star Wars fans here. Rest in peace, David Prowse \\//_
  6. Ah no!
    He had a role as Hotblack Desiato's bodyguard in the 1981 BBC TV adaptation of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. A great series!
  7. Watched the Lego holiday special with my nieces tonight. Loved it.
  8. Have you guys seen the new Obi-Wan Kenobi show?