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  1. Adam was vacationing in Wuhan again.
  2. Very rough sounding Mofo as well as sounding under rehearsed they were depending way too much on sequencers during that song and tour took them a while to get up to speed but when they did it was epic.

  3. *O* :T
  4. 🤗
  5. Yea it is.
  6. Originally posted by popmarter:Howie B was around a lot then and wasn't he arrested for possession and then thrown off the tour because of it,?there were definitely some strange interviews with Bono during that era where he seemed a bit out there [YouTube Video]

    What the HELL is going on at 10:56????
  7. Must've been an idea that was abandoned early in the rehearsals... luckily!
  8. Devo, sprockets?