1. I'm due an upgrade soon and I don't know what to go for!

    iPhone? Galaxy SIII? Sony Experia?

  2. spam
  3. Originally posted by galaxy35:absorbed in every flow of mine, the overseas students had been another time amazed via this particular culture and that they couldn’t assist taking photos occasionally.subsequent came the instant once I asked them to have a try themselves. washing the tea pots, adding tea leaves, and pouring water into the cups, they followed my commands and have been really immersed in charming tea way of life. the tea residence witnessed a in reality exciting time for everyone.on the cease of the pastime, retaining the tea bags in our arms, we took a image to memorize the unforgettable day. it unexpectedly hit me that conventional tradition like tea way of life became of extraordinary attraction and big price. and i swelled with pride to unfold our own culture to human beings everywhere in the world.
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  4. Samsung Galaxy?
  5. Nokia 3210
  6. Is that a U2Start branded Tardis