1. U2
    November 2nd, 2005
    Staples Centre
    Los Angeles, CA

    ******Please do not sell and do not trade cash for blanks. Please respect the wishes of all tapers!******

    Equipment: IEM Receiver (stereo) > analog gold cable > PCM-M1 @48k
    Taper: nico

    Transfer: Sony DTC-700 > optical cable > Edirol UA 1D > wavelab > cdwav > flac

    1) Wanderer (take #1)
    2) Bono talking
    3) Wanderer (take #2)
    4) Bono talking
    5) Wanderer (take #3)
    6) Bono talking
    7) Wanderer (take #4)
    8) Bono talking
    9) Wanderer (take #5)
    10) Fumbling with instruments (mostly quiet)
    11) City of Blinding Lights (mostly instrumental)
    12) (end)

    Notes: The band was recording their performance of The Wanderer for the Johnny Cash tribute show.
    This soundcheck includes a few different takes of this song. As well, Bono talks about and changes
    the lyrics in parts.

    thanks to Scarlet

  2. I have downloaded it. Thank you Eric
  3. Thanx for this ERIC!
    Do you have this in MP3!!!?!!!
    'Yoda Man'