1. yay!
    love them, but they should release some stuff.. their last album is from 2003? 2004? can't remember..

    they were touring in Brazil a couple years ago.. I went to 5 of 6.
    spend my whole life thinking that I would never see them, so I had to enjoy it.
    I even took the same flight with them... hahahhahaha. funny days.
  2. 'Elemental' and 'Raoul and the Kings of Spain' are two of their strongest albums. Solid all the way through.

  3. yeahhhhhhhh
  4. Really glad they made up their differences, they were a quality band, and should have belted out a few more albums. Looking forward to their new material next year.
  5. Sad they broke up. They were in my Top 20 Artists, which is actually Incredible Praise from me. I have every album, every solo album, every single, every DVD, and they put on a great show.
  6. Great band. I know them from the start with The Hurting which is a great debut album in 1983 but 1985 Songs from the Big Chair is a masterpiece. I went to see them on The Seeds of Love tour in 1990 in Rotterdam. Great concert. Maybe I will go to see them in Amsterdam or Antwerp next year.
  7. love you but i'm lost must be one of their strongest track. Do different from all their other stuff.
    A very powerful energy song...