1. Kentucky is a state...
    Kentucky is a state...

  2. Originally posted by BigGiRL:[...] Yeah, I might find a better pic still. I think this is from an 81 show actually. I was a bit pressed for time

    I really like that front row perspecrive view on the front row though. But a picture of 1982 Bono with leather jacket would have been better...I think...or an actual show picture of course
    Not a picture from the actual Louisville show, but only a few days later from the March 19 show in Garden City, NY

    #Adrian Rosen

    At least it gives an idea of Bono's outfit (and hair!), so I made an alternate cover with a similar look:

  3. Much better and more accurate
  4. yeah...although it might just be another pic from Hattum '82...

    (...but I honestly have no idea where it was taken... )
  5. ...and a back as well

    Both download files are updated with the revised art (mp3 version has front only; the flac download also has a simple cd print).

    A massive shout-out to @shawnim ...I really hope you will visit this updated topic once
    Thanks once again for sharing, and sorry I didn't find this earlier. This recording is a fine example of sharing the passion for U2...what else!