Prefer a design in another product (shirt, tanktop, hoodie etc.) or color? Just ask for it here and we will make it happen!


We have created a set of amazing shirts for you. Thanks to a group of great designers we have created many sets of shirts to celebrate U2. We hope to see you on tour in some great U2start clothing, which of course is made by fans and for fans. Enjoy!

See this forum topic for more information and all your questions.


Thanks to FLXone / Erredoble.com for the Shirts of Innocence, the #U240 shirts and the Joshua Tree anniversary shirts. Thanks to Yogi for his amazing designs. Thanks to BigGiRL for The Blackout.

Thanks to all U2 fans who submitted designs and helped to make this possible!

about our shirts

U2start has chosen the company Spreadshirt to sell shirts with our designs. You purchase a shirt with Spreadshirt and should contact them for support. Our designs are made with love by fans for fans. All shirts are non-profit. If you want to support us financially, please consider to make a donation.

Please note that due to legal restrictions some designs may not be available in all shops, or may be slightly different across shops.