1993-07-02 - Verona, Italy - Stadio Bentegodi


Performance notes: Larry sings Dirty Old Town for the last time. Bono, in his MacPhisto character, phones Clannad during the encore and sings Happy Birthday to them.
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songs per album

  1. Achtung Baby (9)
  2. The Joshua Tree (5)
  3. Rattle and Hum (3)
  4. The Unforgettable Fire (2)
  5. War (1)

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review by stj0691

14 years ago


The band was on fire that night...from Zoo to Still Havent Found they showed what Zoo TV was about! Even Better Than the Real Thing suffers a tad from the excessive backing track, but to me, it sounds like the Zoo TV machine up close. Glad to hear the Edge singing his heart out too at the intro, just as loud as Bono. Mysterious Ways rocked the house. Bono's falsetto intro, Edge creating sparks with his guitar, and the awesome power from the piano. I'll quote my girlfriend when she said "haha the guys in the audience are going crazy for the belly dancer onstage". One is dedicated to Sarajevo, which is nice. Unchained Melody sounds beautiful, as always. I'm surprised my speakers didn't explode during Until the End of the World, because I thought they were. The scream at the start of NYD was just so awesome, another definitive moment in this show. Dirty Old Town was fun to hear....kudos to Larry! TTTYAATW sounded almost unreal. Angel of Harlem was good, with a cool snippet of Hello Goodbye. The snippet of My Girl is the real highlight here. Like Unchained Melody, it sounds beautiful. They shouldve gone with this song instead of Dancing Queen for the rest of 1993. I gained new respect for When Love Comes to Town during my Joshua Tree phase, and it really rocked the place. Satellite of Love is good, maybe one of the weaker moments in the show. During Bad, Bono sings the Wide Awake bit in falsetto, which is really neat. BTBS is another one of those numbers where i thought my speakers would explode or my ears would be in a state of ecstacy. RTSS is always great during the Zoo Tour, as is Streets. Pride just sounds like it caught on fire, and set Verona ablaze with it. Then Still Haven't Found. It wasnt really played that much during the Zooropa leg, so its a rarity. It was one of those nights where the band were in a great mood, and could make anything possible. If you listen really close, you can hear the crowd sing as well. Stand By Me finishes off an amazing set, and honestly, I don't understand why the band didn't close with Still Haven't Found and Stand By Me for the rest of the tour. Also, amazing singing by the Edge to end the song. And then....the debut of Mr. MacPhisto! An odd version of Desire, but whatever. Ultraviolet sounds perfect. Nothing else can describe it. WOWy was nice, as does LIB and Cant Help Fallin In Love. Amazing solo during WOWY. A great show, and one of my favorites


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Shining Stars

Still Haven't Found, Stand By Me, EBTTRT, MW, Dirty Old Town, TTTYAATW, My Girl, Ultraviolet and WOWY


To me, it's one of my favorite boots. It has everything Zoo TV is defined as (before Zooropa). Power, electro, synth, media...... everything came together to buld the Zoo machine. After waiting in the Zoo Station, the express train pulled up, and this gig took off in such fashion.

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