2005-05-21 - New York, New York - Madison Square Garden


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songs per album

  1. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (9)
  2. Achtung Baby (4)
  3. Boy (3)
  4. The Joshua Tree (3)
  5. All That You Can't Leave Behind (2)
  6. War (1)
  7. The Unforgettable Fire (1)

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review by MattG

12 years ago


I'm going to live-rate this one because it's late and I have nothing else to do, so this will be extremely comprehensive:

COBL: Bono has a true hold on this audience. With it being U2's only stop in NY on the first leg, they have to be pumped that this is an exclusive glimpse at U2 for now. He sings so well, and the band backs him up brilliantly. The energy is already very evident.

Vertigo: The arena sound really boosts the feel of this performance into another threshold. Bono sounds great, and the audience supports him. The snippet at the end of the song is great, and they bring it back into the finale so greatly.

Elevation: Bono connects with the audience early in the song- you can tell its going to be a great night for him. The blast-off of when the song actually kicks in is great.

Cry/Electric Co.: It's like a speeding train...just picking up momentum, racing faster and faster until the huge ending. Stellar.

ACD: If the previous song is a speeding train, this song is exactly the opposite- a creepy, crawling, relentless portrait of shadows. Conveyed beautifully at this show. Edge misses a note or two during the first chorus, but his vocals are flawless.

Into the Heart: Great coda as always. Bono sounds good.

Beautiful Day: Average, as were most performances of this song on the Vertigo tour.

Miracle Drug: Good performance with a nice, brief speech from Bono in the intro.

SYCMIOYO: Decent, again. The show starts to drop off here but the crowd is still loving it.

Love & Peace: Edge has a little guitar trouble, finding some notes, but it settles in and turns into a good rocking performance. Solo kicks ass.

SBS: Generally a downer on this tour for me, but the crowd totally elevates it! They are so wild and pumped by the song that the energy makes it a great performance.

Bullet: Good transition into the song. Rest of it, unfortunately, turns out to be the show's biggest lull.

RTSS: Oh good God the crowd on this is just outstanding. Simply put....beautiful.

Pride: Standard performance. Nothing to note.

Streets: And...just like almost every show...magic begins to happen, and the show is right back where it started. No words. Just listen.

One: The crowd eats this one up. A good Vertigo performance of the tune.

Zoo Station: This is my first V bootleg in a long time, so let me just say how once again AMAZED I am that this got brought back. SUCH a gem on this tour, and this is a great performance.

The Fly: Edge's wah is really opened up in the intro, it sounds so spacey and cool- not as deep as the song is represented on the Chicago DVD. Rock n' roll performance here. Slight solo mishap but its barely noticeable. Bono screaming "IF I COULD I'D REARRANGGGEEEEEEAAAAAHHH!" was so cool!

Jean Genie: Holy shit!!! A sort-of-full performance! This came out of NOWHERE for me! Super cool to hear them do this, I have never once heard it in a Vertigo show before.

Mysterious Ways: Fakeout intro, Edge comes in before the tambourine track. Gets the crowd ready early. Groovin' version.

Original of the Species: Not on the setlist, but the band decides to play it anyway. A truly beautiful version- the piano is so perfect in the intro.

ABOY: Never liked this song. Aaaand that's just about all I have to say.

Yahweh: Gorgeous as usual

Vertigo: I prefer 40 to close, especially with the booming echo of an arena behind you, but the crowd loves this too. Such a great night at MSG.


It sounds exactly like being in the arena if all the band members were always so level and clear. The reverb of the arena is so well showcased...I honestly feel like I'm right outside in the concourse. Larry shines through, and Edge's guitar really rings nicely with a great mid-tone.
Recording: Audience microphone - 3 stars


The sound really works wonders for them. The BOOM of the arena, the reverb, that echo....that deep roar...it's just so thrilling to even hear their applause. They enhance this bootleg.


The performance is not without its flaws, but they are easily overlooked when you look at the highlights- the beginning powerhouse section of the show up thru BD, and the always-interesting encore section. The sound is my favorite part of this boot- such an authentic representation of an arena show.

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