2010-12-09 - Brisbane, Queensland - Suncorp Stadium


Performance notes: First 360° Tour show at which Moment Of Surrender is not performed, and hence first 360° Tour show closed by a song other than Moment Of Surrender. Due to the venue's strict 10:30pm curfew, U2 were off stage by 10:27pm after With Or Without You. This concert is the first time U2 have performed two stadium gigs in Brisbane on the one tour. U2 have only performed multiple gigs in Brisbane once before: three arena gigs on the Lovetown Tour.
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songs per album

  1. All That You Can't Leave Behind (4)
  2. No Line On The Horizon (3)
  3. Achtung Baby (3)
  4. The Joshua Tree (3)
  5. War (2)
  6. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (2)
  7. The Unforgettable Fire (1)
  8. Passengers (1)
  9. October (1)

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review by grinnerfan

13 years ago


Well if you liked the first Brisbane show - you would have loved this one!!

The crowd was more into the show, the band tighter and interacted more amongst themselves and the setlist had around five changes from the previous night. Songs like Pride (In the name of Love) were replaced with another classic, but in a way it made it better. Although one song less then Brisbane 1, this show had it all - new hits - old hits and the version of Mercy was awesome. This song is becoming a real fav of mine.

Bono was really on during this show. He seemed to use the stage a little more and had the faithful eating out of his hand.


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The crowd had a lot more energy for this concert then the first. It was a very hot day in Brisbane so maybe the locals had consumed a few more beverages then the previous night - this crowd had energy that was lacking from Brisbane 1.

The noise generated during Vertigo was the loudest I have heard at that venue including any of the footy matches I have been to. During Amazing Grace, you could have heard a pin drop before going off during Streets have no Name.

Everyone was focused and in unision. I saw ACDC in Brisbane at the start of the year and thought that was the best crowd I had ever been part of - this was better. It was awesome - truly awesome.


This show, only my second for U2, made me realize why this is THE number 1 band on the planet. The setlist was awesome and varied, the band pumped and crowd energised.

The stage and special effects just made it better and didn't detract from the band or music. I have never really understood why people follow bands around - this show made me "see the light"!!

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