2010-11-26 - Auckland, New Zealand - Mt Smart Stadium


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songs per album

  1. All That You Can't Leave Behind (4)
  2. No Line On The Horizon (4)
  3. The Joshua Tree (4)
  4. Achtung Baby (3)
  5. War (2)
  6. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (2)
  7. Rattle and Hum (1)
  8. Passengers (1)
  9. October (1)

best song performances

  1. One Tree Hill (4 votes)

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New Zealand
New Zealand
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3 from Australia: Sal71, aclemo, peto39
1 from Poland: Wiercioch
1 from United Kingdom: thinwhiteduke1
1 from New Jersey: nabjclarke

review by MattG

12 years ago


Perhaps it doesn't stand out because the sound quality is a bit flat, but every single performance is completely average-sounding. Nothing sparkles.


Decent but not special. Incredibly flat and unidimensional.
Recording: Audience microphone - 3.5 stars


They're alright, I suppose. Again, no gems here. They do not add anything, but they are not annoying so as to subtract anything either.


I'll never revisit it. It just wasn't anything even remotely special for me. I'm sure the live show was very cool, but the combination of average performances and a totally flat sound, this one just wasn't for me. Plenty of other shows to kill an afternoon with- this is nothing special.

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  1. Claw in Auckland