2011-04-03 - La Plata, Argentina - Estadio Ciudad de La Plata


Performance notes: Argentinian musician León Gieco makes a guest appearance and performs his song Sólo Le Pido A Dios with Bono. Gieco sings while Bono plays guitar and provides backing vocals. Magnificent is not performed, marking the first time it is omitted from a 360° Tour setlist. Bad is performed for only the second time in Argentina and fourth time anywhere in South America.
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songs per album

  1. All That You Can't Leave Behind (4)
  2. Achtung Baby (4)
  3. No Line On The Horizon (3)
  4. The Joshua Tree (3)
  5. The Unforgettable Fire (2)
  6. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (2)
  7. Boy (1)
  8. Passengers (1)
  9. War (1)
  10. October (1)

best song performances

  1. Even Better Than The Real Thing (3 votes)

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review by iTim

10 years ago


Return of the Stingray Guitar is first up, for me it just serves as an introductory piece. I don't particularly like it and would rather to hear Breathe or another U2 song opening the show. Beautiful Day is second but I'll count this as the real opener. A few lyrical changes to reflect that it's raining (at least I assume it is) and on the whole, a good start to the show. The band move straight into I Will Follow which is as good as you'd expect after 30 years of performance. Bono sounds like he's having trouble keeping up with the pace though. Nonetheless, a hit with the crowd. Lead single from No Line On The Horizon now and it sounds a little awkward compared to the good start we've had. Not the best performance of the song on the tour. Even Better Than The Real Thing rocks in fourth on the setlist and the crowd are happy to hear it, assisting The Edge's guitar intro. "Woo woo". Fantastic effort all round I feel. A slight hiccup to the start of the second verse, but it doesn't ruin the performance. Absolutely love the "You take us higher..." part. The introduction to Mysterious Ways is hilarious, Bono requesting that the crowd make these horrific noises before The Edge kicks us off with that unmistakable riff. The tone of the guitar is amazing. Elvation follows and it's a solid effort. Excellent noise made by the crowd at the start too. Up next is Until The End of the World, taking Achtung Baby's representation to three from seven. Decent performance, my only issue is the band introductions midway through.

Bono then rambles on for a while about sport, Irishmen and the usual. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For offers us a welcome relieve from all of that. The crowd sound in good voice for the first verse and Bono sounds in good voice too. It must've warmed up a little since Beautiful Day. Leon Gieco takes to the stage to perform with Bono and the crowd love it. I don't understand what's being sung, but I quite like it. Pride is up now and the audience are probably at their loudest so far. It is overplayed, but they do nail it. Putting the little number with Gieco aside, we're on a good run of hits as Bad enters the arena. Mesmerising song. It's easy to get lost in the Edge's guitar, but that backing track is so perfect. Really good performance. Well, some would argue that In A Little While breaks that run of hits, but oh my, it's so good. Miss Sarajevo is beautiful. Bono does a superb job on Pavarotti's section. Now I'm getting really excited as I hear FEZ/Zooropa over the PA. Unfortunately I know that it's going to amount to nothing more than City of Blinding Lights. Oh well, the intro is one of my favourites. Solid effort throughout, segues straight into a Vertigo performance of equal solidity.

Now if there's a song to divide the crowd, it's this one. The Redanka/Dirty South mix of Crazy Tonight. Personally, I'm a big fan of it and hearing Bono sing "I know I'll go loco if I don't go loco tonight" definitely brought a smile to my face. Strong performance of Sunday Bloody Sunday, as you'd probably expect. Scarlet follows, providing the platform for a speech about Suu Kyi and a nice introduction for Walk On. Again, it lives up to the high standard we expect of the band, even if there's another slip-up from Bono during the transition to a new verse. Fantastic tone in The Edge's guitar again though. Of course, those who know me on the forums will understand why You'll Never Walk Alone doesn't sit well with me.

I love a bit of Desmond Tutu, what a character. He and One open up the encore. Nothing extraordinary, but at the same time, nothing really wrong with it. Just a standard performance. Mothers of the Disappeared makes an appearance and it segues perfectly into Where The Streets Have No Name. Yet again, it's delivered to the highest standard. Thoroughly enjoyable performance. A old favourite of mine now from the Popmart tour - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. Love it! A rather (and surprisingly) enjoyable rendition of With Or Without You follows on, setting us up nicely for the final song of the night - Moment of Surrender. One of the best songs from No Line On The Horizon and one of my favourite closing songs during a U2 tour. Perfect close to the show.


It's pretty good. Vocals and guitar are both clear, but I think it lacks some bass. Adam doesn't really come through that well and Larry sounds a little...suppressed? There is occasionally some individuals who come over quite loud in the mix, usually with a high pitched "woo".
Recording: Audience microphone - 4 stars


Very good interaction throughout, but what do you expect from an Argentinian crowd? They don't always join in with every word, but they certainly know the chorus to many songs.


A solid performance from the band. No major mistakes, but I feel it's let down by a rather strange order at the beginning of the show which prevents it from flowing early on. The crowd are in good voice throughout which is a bonus.

- I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
- In A Little While
- Miss Sarajevo
- FEZ!
- Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

- Return of the Stingray Guitar
- Get On Your Boots

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